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Our multifunctional carbon active face mask in gel

with few applications...

Dark circles strong Reduction!

The Italian "COSMECEUTICAL" Brand


Make Up, Skincare, SunCare, Haircare, Intimate Hygiene, Aromatheraphy and
Oncological Lines

Our innovative cosmeceuticals cover different functions, healing skin blemishes.
Cosmeceutics is the “perfect marriage” between cosmetics and pharmaceutical sciences.

Particularly, we developed a Made in Italy, cosmeceutical line, made of natural derived and selected ingredients.

Our skin need daily care and attention.

So, we have combined our scientific knowleadge and ancient Italian tradition to develop a very gentle beauty line, which can be safetly used by all members of family.

All the production chain is based in Italy.

Sustainability and selected sinergies between vegetable actives and essential oils are the key steps, which drive our continuous attention, love and passion for this very interesting and innovative research field.

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Made in Italy Cosmeceuticals

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All our products are developed by Anna Russo, italian chimical researcher, with over 20 years of experience in cosmeceutics (*). Particularly, she decided to transfer her skills into a family business company.

.Cosmeceuticals represent a new category of products placed between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that are intended for the enhancement of both the health and beauty of skin.

These skills permit her to suggest formulations based on specifical sinergies between vegetable actives and essential oils, obtaining as results pseudopharmaceuticals products.

So our working philosophy has the target of guarantee a psico-physical well being not only a beauty routine.

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So Why should buy a cosmeceutical product?

While they aren't drugs, cosmeceuticals do provide a niche in the beauty market today. They're used to improve cosmetic problems like hyperpigmentation, cellulite, large pores, and acne. The vast majority of cosmeceutical products, though, are for combating aging—wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone, and sun damage. Noticing aesthetic issues in your skin, but not so serious as to require a prescription medication? Cosmeceuticals can help minimize cosmetic problems like fine lines, uneven skin tone, or dull complexion. They can help you maintain your healthy skin, without needing a prescription.
In our formulation we used vegetale actives togheter with essential oils obtaining a very effective therapeutical treatment.

In simple words “ Soul and Body Care

Prevention is better than cure.

All our cosmeceutical products are:

Formulated with skin and environment attention

They doesn’t contain:

Pets derived ingredients

Sinthetic dyes

Silicones, parabens, petrolatum, SLES and SLS sulphates


All analyzes are performed by the MACROFARM UNICAL RESEARCH CENTER; C / O the University of Calabria.
Our beauty line will soon be completed with:
  • Multifunctional suncare products
  • Bio make up
  • Oncological Aesthetics (healing oils)
  • Botanical artisan perfumery

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